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In the United States, sworn translations are known as certified translations. The certification usually consists of a statement, in some cases notarized, that is added to the document affirming the accuracy of the translation. The statement, with or without a notary seal, transforms it into a court approved document for the intended purposes. It is important to point out that requirements can differ from one department to another within governments, between governmental agencies and private businesses, and according to the document usage. Also, the notary statement requiring either a stamped or an embossed seal will vary according to destination use.


Certified Translation Services USA: certification statement

Usually, the statement in the form of a paragraph with signatures and dates includes the following information:

“The translator [name of the translator] declares s/he is familiar with the English and [source] languages and that the translation of the documents pertaining to [name of client], the originals of which are in [source language], is an accurate and correct translation.


Translator/Agent’s Signature


This may be accompanied by the company’s signature and corporate seal and printed on the translation company’s stationary with its logo. Afterwards, the notary public certification is added. Once the notary public’s certification is affixed to the translation, the client will be in a position to present both the original document and the certified translation to the pertinent bodies or authorities.

Certified Translation Services USA – Documents that require certification

Documents that require a certified translation in the United States, for example, may be the following:

  • All documentation for the Department of US Citizen and Immigrations Services, and other government agencies;
  • Academic degrees, records, diplomas, transcripts;
  • Adoption documentation and records;
  • Legal personal records such as birth certificates, marriage licenses and certificates, divorce certificates and decrees, certificates of death, driver’s license, court and penal records, wills, passports, visas, powers of attorney, property and other similar documents;
  • Personal documents such as medical records and transcriptions, parental consent letters, bank records, résumés and related materials, business and corporate documents, and similar records.
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  • LinguaVox is a translation company specialized in certified translation services USA. Our quality management system is certified to both ISO 9001:2008 and UNE EN:15038:2006.

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  2. ASTA-USA follows strict industry and governmental standards for translation and offers Notary Public services when required, so that virtually any worldwide government or non-government organization will acknowledge our certified document translations as valid. Each document is sent to you with a formal “Statement of Certification”, dated, signed, and stamped.

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